Thursday, April 23, 2009

Plein air demo part 2

STUDIO FINISH: Once back in the studio, I worked on the finishing details like sky holes and  distant tree highlights. I also finished the berry bushes with some fine highlight work and added some more tree highlights to the main trees. I felt the painting was a bit too gray even though it was a cloudy day so I decided to warm things up a bit to make the painting have more life. I did this by adding some warm highlights in the sky creating a more golden afternoon light to the piece. This photo was taken in the studio so the photo is a bit warmer than the outside shots of the piece. Anyways, here is the finished piece, Afternoon Light 9x12.

STEP 5 FINISHED STUDY: After a few more details in the tree mass and some slight highlight work in the sky and bushes I am finished with this study. From here, I can go into the studio and refine this into a finished painting at my own pace. The total time on this study was a little less than one hour. It really goes fast; just think in terms of the large simple shapes and you are half way there! Now let's see the studio finish next.
STEP 4 REFINE COLOR: Here I am cutting in more small details but still keeping it loose. I have added a hint of some tree trunks and worked on the tree canopy adding in the lighter ares of leaves. On these cloudy days with fast light changes I find it is best to just go for the overall lights and darks. Once those were in, I used a short bit of sunlight that hit to add in the tree highlights. Notice the this stage I am adding in a bit more color as well. So now we are about 30 minutes into the painting.

STEP 3 REFINE SHAPES: So now it is time to refine main shapes. At this stage I am adding in some of the smaller objects such as the distant trees and berry bushes at the base of the large trees. Notice I also divided the field planes where the dirt is showing in the distance.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the demo. Very helpful for someone who is about to take his first five day outdoor painting class! /Lee

SJ Studio said...

You are most welcome Lee. Just relax and work on the large shapes, have fun out there. I will try and post a few more of these demos in the future.

SJ Studio