Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another day out

And here I am trying to put together something decent out on a nice sunny spring day. Only had a couple hours so today it was just a quick block in to get the board covered. For the finish I will add all the scene details and foreground trees in the studio. I mean really, who wants to paint all those branches in the field? Not me, I do not have the patience for that kind of action in the field.

Well here we are at today's stop. Time to get going on something. I mainly stopped here because there were a lot of birds singing in the nearby trees. The scene I am going to paint is looking out to the left of those bird filled trees. This wasn't the best scene I found today but sometimes you find a spot that you just want to hang out in for a while. All those birds told me this was it.

A nice spot on a country road close to home. Today however, I am heading a little ways further down the road.

With rainy weather on the way for tomorrow, I decided to take a short local day trip for a quick paint hit. I did a quick block in that is only about half finished but it was a beautiful day to be out.


B Boylan said...

Hi SJ,
Checking out your blog and realized you are in Portland. Where are these locations anyway? Always looking for new places to paint. Also, nice work...very nice work!

SJ Studio said...

Hi B,
I am in the Bethany area, Beaverton neck of the woods. Those photos are out towards Banks along HWY 26 heading west. Maybe we could go paint sometime. Have you ever been out to Sauvie Island? I go out there a lot; lots of great stuff to paint.

As I said in my posts, my plein air is mainly a rough block in. So when I am outside, I just try get something decent enough to finish back in the studio.