Thursday, January 7, 2010

I want to paint like George Innes damn it!

One of my favorite painters is George Innes. Everybody loves Innes landscapes and so do I. But I want to paint like George Innes. Not just do the same style compositions but really paint like he did. All that tonal texture and light to make those wonderful dreamy landscapes. So every month or so I do a few small paintings to check on my progress and my need to try and paint like .... well, George Innes.

Here are two from this week both in acrylic, for now.


Jill Berry said...

You are well on your way!
Awesome texture here.

Just Wikipedia-ed Inness...
and found interesting
his theological motivations.
Thanks for noting him,
a very admirable painter!

Don Bishop said...

Hey You!

Heard it's down right cold out your way. Can you do me a favor and go out and save some oranges from the freeze for me? ; )

I just finished a nice little snow painting from a photo I took a week ago. I will try and post it soon.

Cheers, Don B

Celeste Bergin said...

all your paintings are exceptional and I'm glad to know who your hero is.

Gary Keimig said...

Well you are getting some nice tonal qualities to your work. Keep at it.

loriann said...

George Inness is possibly the most amazing painter in history...not surprising that you want to paint like him. Beautiful start.