Friday, October 9, 2009

New plein air Sauvie Island, Oregon

Country Brook 11x14

Fall Road 11x14

A couple new plein air works from this week out at Sauvie Island on the Columbia River in Oregon. We have had some very nice fall days lately so I have been going outside to paint. These two pieces are both 11x14 in oils on board.


Nathalie said...

Hi Don- these pieces from Sauvie turned out great! I love the way you incorporated that yellow into the first piece. I was painting there last night at sunset and that field turned acid green in the last hour.

Don Bishop said...

Thanks, The late afternoon is really pretty out there. You must of been chilly though, very windy yesterday.

I really like doing the plein air block ins outside and finishing up in the studio. I let those two dry for a day and just went back on top with all the accent colors, it went real fast. I have a couple more from last week that I will finish up in a day or so. Too bad the real rain is coming this week. I would like to get some more plein air in.

B Boylan said...

Don, nice to see how these finished out. I'm hoping to see where you go next during the cooler months. Thanks for sharing.

As for Nath, acid green? Wow that had to have been spectacular!