Monday, June 1, 2009

Some recent finished plein air works

Some recent works from from my earlier posts, now finished ( And I use that term loosely).
The Old Truck 9x12 oils.

Summer House 12x12 oils.

Clover And BArn 9x9 oils.

Afternoon Light 9x12 oils.


Jill Berry said...

You have been working day and night! Nice job. You could start a new movement - daily&nightlypainters

Laurel Daniel said...

SJ - I found your blog from Carol Schiff and am so happy to see what you are doing out there in Oregon! Beautiful work!

SJ Studio said...

I have been switching back and forth from studio to plein air lately. Now that the rain has stopped we are having very nice weather so I am having a hard time staying inside to paint these days.

B Boylan said...

These are just incredible! That clover field looks like it's off of Jackson School Road. The clover has since faded to a dusty brown. I'm really enjoying your blog!
Thanks for sharing!

SJ Studio said...

B, Oh your so good! Your right on the location. Looks like you painted the other side of the tracks with your "Field Of Rubies" piece.

And your vineyard poppies on your blog; I was just there a week ago. That is a good spot too.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

SJ so happy to have found your site. Your work is beautiful!

SJ Studio said...

Thanks Joan, glad to have you on my blog.

Cheers, Don B