Friday, May 29, 2009

Plein air for Thursday

Now I have the main color shapes of the barn and the truck so I am ready take this one home to finish. I have a pretty good base study to work from now.

Next I have added the sky and ground areas. From here, I add the mid tone shadow areas on the roof and the truck.

My block in start is about getting the tree shapes and barn down for my composition.
Also starting to indicate the darkest shadow areas.

Here is today's scene. I am going to work on a 12x12 square board for this one.

Found a great old barn with an old truck in the front so this was today's stop.
Please click on the images for a larger view.


Laurel Daniel said...

Thanks for sharing this work in progress and then the final up in your most recent post. yI love seeing your process!!!

SJ Studio said...

Hi Laurel,
You are welcome. I think sharing the creative process with other artists is very healthy. I know I used to be overwhelmed when I went outside to paint so I hope posting these steps will help others just starting outside.